Meet Melissa

Hey! I’m Melissa Shumate. Born in sunny southern California but raised a Cornhusker loving Nebraskan. I am married to my amazing husband Walter. We have three beautiful children together. Fenix, our 11 year old, who is the sweetest boy that God could have ever given us. Then God blessed us again with our 7 year old Lela. When you are having a bad day you can always count on Lela to make it better. Then four year’s later God said “Melissa and Walter I want to give you, Fenix and Lela the biggest blessing of all” so here comes Amabella our 3 year old.

I’m sure you are wondering why she is our biggest blessing. Now when I tell you just know, she is strong and she is doing amazing. When I was 24 weeks pregnant we found out Amabella was going to be born with a broken heart. Now I’ll spare you all the crazy details (for now, that’s for a whole different post) but at just a week old she needed open heart surgery. Nothing in this world could have prepared us for what was in-store. One month later she needed another surgery, and you guessed it she needed yet another surgery 4 mon

ths later. Yes you counted right, 3 open heart surgeries in under 6 months. She is a fighter and she made it through all three surgeries like a champ.

Now this is where my journey with all of you begins. When becoming a mother life changes, you see the beauty in everything around you, but when you have a child who is sick you see things even more differently. For the first 6 months of Amabella’s life I couldn’t work. She needed constant care. But during that time I felt like I was lost. I needed something for me. Something that was going to be just mine. That is when I decided I was going to start sharing my love for decorating with the Instagram world. Let me tell you guys, I never imagined I would find so many friends through Instagram or social media in general but I did. This community is exactly what I needed. It has been an amazing outlet to connect with like minded people who are uplifting, and kind. Over the past year since starting to share my decor ideas I have learned so much about myself. My style, what I like, what I dont like to learning how to shop and find amazing deals. I love to go picking for antiques and vintage finds. The hubby and I also like to spend time together, building furniture for our home and for our friends.

With my blog I hope to share some these easy do it yourself projects on a budget, everyday living ideas, tips and tricks for decorating, gardening, cleaning, organizing, and cooking.

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